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The Divination


Are you ready to dive in deeper & enhance your psychic senses while connecting to the world around you?

In this 4-part magical course, learn about the pendulum + the crystal ball, what divination truly is, and how you can harness your inner magick using these intuitive tools.

Image by Ashley Ibarra

What is Divination?

Divination is the metaphysical work of finding the truth of an issue by using symbols and
objects to interpret messages from the the collective unconscious, from communication
with spirit beings, from communication with your higher self or spirit as well. 

What's Included?

4 Pre-Recorded Classes to Do At Your Own pace & Handouts

Class 1:

Welcome, Introductions,
Divination, Clearing + Shielding, Blessing your Tools

Class 2:

Pendulum: history, lore, about, pendulum for the beginner 

Class 3:

Scrying: what is it? history, lore, about, crystal balls for beginners

Class 4:

Advanced ways to work with pendulum + crystal ball

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

“Always remember the answers come not from the rock, the teacup, the shell, or the cards. The answers come from you.”

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