The Magic of Mindset Masterclass 

Are you feeling irritable, discontent or stuck in patterns that aren’t leading to the life you had imagined? 

Gorgeous being, did you know you can
manifest anything? 

That job you want? 

The relationship you desire? 
It’s on its way. 

The financial freedom you crave? 
You’ve got it! 

It all depends on your mindset. 

In this 8 week course, we dive into the intricacies of the Law of Attraction, including:
✨what it is and how to use it
✨ what mindset patterns you have 
✨ how to create using feelings + thought 
✨ the power in negative thoughts 
✨ creating a positive shift in your life 
...and so much more 

The course includes:
🦄 8 weekly lessons (valued at $800)
🦄 2 1-on-1 30 minute Coaching Calls (valued at $500)
🦄 8 recorded meditations to help create massive energetic shifts (valued at $200)
🦄 magical tricks I’ve learned with over 10 years of experience (priceless)
Total value — $1500

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We will dive into: 
Week 1–The Law of Attraction 
Week 2– Shadow and Belief Work 
Week 3– Shifting Your Beliefs
Week 4– Simplify to Amplify
Week 5– Ask and You Shall Receive
Week 6– Creating Your Attraction Grid
Week 7– Remembering Your Power 
Week 8– Magical Miracle Manifesting Tips 

Why wait another day? 
Start your magical journey today, shift your mindset, and start living your dream reality. 

The Magic of Mindset Masterclass

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