Become a Certified Alchemically Awakened Priestess of Avalon. This option is great for those who are efficient self-guided learners who would like to work at their own pace. This information can be an added bonus to increase any business venture. This 6 Month Payment Plan Option Includes: Join us for this 12 Module Program (1 module delivered bi-weekly) Limited Yoga and Meditation Sessions Learn about the Avalonian Goddesses in addition to the sacredness and history of Avalon. You will receive alchemical lessons and courses that will teach you how to become a Priestess for yourself and your community. You will also receive lifetime access to my online courses, like "Divination" and "Create Self Love". Feel supported through bi-weekly online meetings with me as your personal guide during this transformative process. You will also receive a free, one-year membership to the Avalon Sisterhood Circle, an online community of like-minded sisters walking the path. Learn Kundalini Yoga + meditation, moon magic, and crystal healing. I will also teach you basic herbalism and how to work with nature spirits and faeries. Through this course, you will learn how to listen to your intuition through oracle card reading and shamanic astrology. ​

Priestess Training :: 6 Month Payment

  • By paying for this service, you are agreeing to sign up and pay $190/month for 12 consecutive months. Payment will be billed monthly on the same date that you made the first payment.