Heyyyy, abundance seekers.  You are enough.  You have enough, but are you ready to create space in your life to receive prosperty + abundance that you are dreaming of?

In this course we create space to open up to divine flow and awaken your mindset to prosperity + abundance.  Receive, receive, receive and become an instant manifestor.

This course will be divided into 3 recorded lessons:

— The Abundance Mindset– what is it, how can we let go of fear, best practices

— Crystal Gridding– Go over the basics of crystal gridding and using your prosperity crystal grid

— Candle Magick –The basics of candle magick, colors, times to do this magick, symbols, and some candle magick to try

— Plus receive a LIVE Q+A Call — TBA

In this kit you will receive:

— PDF with information you can refer to again and again and again…

a mini crystal grid board that includes mini crystals and mini quartz crystal pyramid generator 

— handcrafted Manifesting Abundance Spray

            Ingredients: 100% therapeutic grade essential oils including          frankincense and neroli; crystals including citrine and amethyst; rose water; reiki blessings


” I spray it on everything and abundance is coming my way.  My husband even uses it now!”

“I noticed an immediate shift and would like to order more.”

— handmade abundance mindset crystal bracelet with citrine and lava stones to keep you attracting those abundant vibes.  Note: Lava stones are great for holding any essential oil or your Manifesting Abundance Spray.

— a copper bracelet to keep your energy clear + balanced

— high vibe candles to use for prosperity magick in our candle magick lesson

–a decorative box to hold everything in


Start manifesting beyond your dreams. 

Join us today for the early bird price of $198!  Early bird price effective until August 15th, 2018! 

Abundance Mindset Course