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What to Expect in Priestess Training

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Are you wanting to deepen your connection to Spirit, the divine feminine, the divine masculine and your higher self?

Perhaps you are seeking a way to truly devote time to heal, find self-love and through that - helping others heal?

Maybe you simply feel the call in your bones. You know you are a priestess and wish to have a place to deepen your studies. If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may very well be your time to honor the Priestess within.

Clients come to priestess training seeking inner healing, to raise their vibrations, and deepen a connection with the sacred. As the journey begins, a deep transformative process is initiated and she goes on an alchemical journey.

“Alchemically Awakened Avalon Priestess Training has taken my practice and knowledge of magick so much deeper. this training has helped me weave different aspects of my waking life together. It has also helped me awaken and understand my feminine side more. 
Pixi has so much to teach and share. She’s uplifting to her students and she really tunes in to what you need out of your practices. I’ve never taken a training where the “Instructor” was in constant contact, checking on you so often, and always available when you need advice, but that's what pixi does. 
I highly recommend this training for anyone on the fence about what to do with their life or confused on which path to take. This training will catapult you toward your destiny.”
Mindy F., USA,

What is a priestess?

A Priestess is a conduit to the divine, a hollow bone and vessel of eternity. She is able to heal, both herself and others. She is a mystic with a sacred connection to Spirit.

She holds love for all, but most importantly herself.

She is ready to take the reigns and make her life her own. She is ready to follow her soul's purpose.

“This is a true soul journey back to the Goddess. And Pixi leads with wisdom, intuition, and experience. For me, choosing this path has lead to a deeper connection w the divine feminine as a real, palpable, transformative, healing and medicinal power.”
— Katie B., USA

What does priestess training look like?

Priestess training can easily fit your schedule. It is a self-study program that includes 12 modules and lessons you receive directly to your inbox. These include videos, handouts, questions, and a keynote.

We learn about the alchemical process of healing, sacred holy days, moon phases, sacred herbs, sacred crystals, goddesses specific to the Avalon and Celtic pantheon (but we also learn about a few others outside), Kundalini Yoga and breath work, Shamanic Astrology, and so much more.

There is homework provided for each module and also includes creating rituals for ourselves as we become and embody the priestess within.

Priestesses also receive access to courses like my Divination course and others.

Priestess training can help you elevate, expand, grow, heal, and become the priestess already inside.

"This journey has been full of pleasant surprises. As I dive deeper into myself, and by extension my community, the universes makes it's gifts not only available, but abundant to me. I am beyond grateful that Pixi was called to create this training. It is truly life changing.
-- Natalie Allgyer, USA,

Why become a Priestess?

With this training you can take the lessons you learn and make a profit as well as help others.

If you already have a business, these tools can help amplify what you already teach, especially if you are a coach or healer of any kind.

If you don't have a business, these tools can be the starting point for where you want to go.

Priestesses can give baby blessings, officiate handfastings, host sacred rituals, and teach others of the tools they have learned.

By the end of your training you will learn how to implement these things in your own way.

If you're waiting for a sign, this is it.

Join Alchemically Awakened Priestess Training today and embody your soul's purpose.

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