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What is the Priestess Path?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

If you're reading this, you feel the call of the priestess, but may have some questions about what this path even entails.

Becoming a priestess and starting the priestess path was the greatest gift I could have given myself. It opened my eyes to belief systems that I shifted for the better, allowed me to become more aligned with the world around me, and I became intrinsically and extrinsically connected to all that I yearned for in the sacred. It took a lot of courage to step onto the path and to realize that this was a lifelong work of deep inner transformation, of evolving love for self, and of helping my community in ways I had only dreamed of.

A Priestess is an initiate of the divine goddess. As she seeks inner healing, she raises her vibration and deepens her connection with both herself and the divine feminine. She initiates a process of transformation, alchemically awakening her connection to source.

A Priestess is a conduit to the divine, a hollow bone and vessel of eternity. She is able to heal, both herself and others. She is a mystic with a sacred connection to spirit.

Priestesses of the Past

Priestesses have been around since nearly the beginning and held authority, wisdom, insight, and connection the the highest realms. In today's ever evolving world, it is time for us to claim that power back and bring the priestesses into modern times. We must also honor the lineage and those who came before us.

In ancient Rome, the Vestal Virgins were priestesses of Vesta-- guardians of hearth and home. Only six were chosen to maintain the flame and thus, the security of Rome.

In ancient Greece, the priestesses known as. the Oracle of Delphi (or Pythia of Delphia-- Senior Priestesses/High Priestesses) held the authority. Many would come seeking their wisdom, especially kings and those in business to find out how their future would unfold.

In Egypt, there was one Priestess that was chosen as God's wife who would become just as powerful as the king himself (look up Priestess Hui).

Some believe that the ancient site of Avalon is now where present day Glastonbury stands. There are and were devoted Priestesses to her lands.

Perhaps one of these priestess archetypes resonates with you and perhaps it was one of your past lives?

When I became a priestess...

Five years ago, I was working at a job that was completely out of alignment with myself and my belief system. I showed up every day wishing for a way out. I had recently attracted an amazing man into my life too, but unfortunately he was going through his own issues and our relationship got off to a rocky start. I wanted more and always felt a call to all things witchy and sacred. I had been studying and practicing witchcraft since Middle School but wanted to go deeper-- and one day, I did.

I was sitting in my boyfriend's (now husband's) home and the word "priestess" had been floating around my head all day. I pulled open my laptop and started searching for different priestess programs. At the time, there weren't very many online, and they were definitely not inexpensive. After a few hours of searching I managed to find the one that resonated with me and instead of leading with my head, I led with my womb and heart. I immediately signed up and went on a two year journey. First to become a priestess, then a high priestess.

Both years were filled with ups and downs, but alchemically I was releasing and melting away pieces of me that did not fit into who I was becoming. I wound up leaving the job that did not fit into anything I believed in. I let go of old stories, belief systems, and ideas that did not help me grow. I let go of people and places to make space to start flourishing.

I was also integrating new pieces of myself and my story. My boyfriend (now husband) and I wound up moving out of the house we were in, getting engaged, and planning our move to Charleston, SC-- our dreams of living near the ocean were finally being realized. I started working with the elements more to manifest and create the life I wanted to live. I started living and using the title "High Priestess." I offered house blessings, intuitive healings, handfastings and more. All brought me so much joy and I finally felt in alignment with my magickal self.

Four days after my birthday in 2017, my husband and I were handfasted in Glastonbury, England at the Chalice Well and I was drawn even deeper into the Avalonian tradition and felt the call to train others magically. I received a priestess name, a goddess I align with, and a special gift I share with the world to help myself and others on their path.

You can too.

Priestesses of the Future

Now it is your turn, dear one. Do you feel the call? The inner niggling telling you that something about this path just feels right, but you're not sure why?

I'm here to tell you that I was as anxious and excited as you are to begin my journey, but also wondered, "What can a Priestess do in present times? What does she learn?"

Some things priestesses I teach learn include:

what it means to be a priestess, what you can do as a priestess, healing the divine masculine and feminine, working with the power of the elements, shamanic astrology, how to manifest, avalonian traditions and places of power, goddesses, spirit animals, working with angels and faeries, herbs, moon cycle energy, color energy/power, kundalini yoga and meditation, alchemy, releasing beliefs, creating new beliefs, aligning with who you truly are, and so much more.

Photographer: Stephanie Stein

Some things that my trained and certified priestesses do now include:

healing work, baby blessings, handfasting ceremonies, home blessings, death ceremonies, offering intuitive guidance, mediumship services, workshops, hosting rituals, forming women's groups, and so much more.

We need more women devoted to honoring, healing, and helping others, nature, and themselves as our world continues to evolve. We need priestesses who are ready to be the bridge between the worlds. Are you ready to hone your power and free the priestess within? Find out more about discovering a new way of being.

Now is the time. Now is the hour. Ours is the magick. Ours is the power.

Blessed be.

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