What is Glamouring?

Recently I asked followers on Instagram if they knew about glamouring. A lot of you had no idea what it was. Quite a few of you wanted to know more and were intrigued by the word itself. The word "glamour" comes to the English language from the Scots. It is said to mean, "magic spell." That is true to a degree, but it is also so much more than that.

Raise your hand if you have seen the movie "The Craft."

If you haven't, I highly recommend busting out the popcorn tonight and renting it (also rent Practical Magic, Sleepy Hollow, and Hocus Pocus if you are needing a witchy fix).

If you have seen it, do you remember the part where the girls are sitting in circle on the floor together trying out their magic abilities. The "good" witch shows them how she can changed her appearance with the slight movement of her hand. She changes her hair and eye color instantly.

The other girls are amazed at this trick, but don't realize that she is just allowing them to see what she wants them to and has she shakes her head, nothing is permanently altered and she returns back to her original state.

Glamouring is just like that, but maybe not so intense that you can completely change your hair color-- you're probably going to have to buy a box of dye for that. It is also used to enhance your natural beauty that is already within you and not designed to completely change everything about you like plastic surgery can.

The Art of Glamouring

Glamouring is an easy way to invoke how you would like to be seen. It is not meant to be used as a way to make you feel bad about yourself and that way you are now. In fact, it should be used for the highest purpose and light for your own personal growth, as well as to make you feel better. You already have these things within you.

Glamouring from Within

The simplest form of glamouring is how a person sees you on the inside. Perhaps you'd like to be seen as more loving, as glowing, or as exuding confidence. The way you want to be perceived should help you grow.