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The Alchemical Cycle of Healing

So many of you have been sharing about 2020 being a year of clear vision and are jumping on the "goals wagon." I think sometimes we forget that when we wake up on January 1st, we can't immediately become new people.

It takes time. It is a process. And this process can bring up a lot of unfolding, healing, and evolving.

In my opinion, this cycle of healing can take up to a year.

I teach my priestesses the Alchemical Cycle of Healing, as well as the Avalonian Cycle of Healing. Both are able to help us shed light on the things we want to change, start to unravel them, start to create and build a new vision of ourselves while planting intentions, and then calcify those ideas into actions.

In today's post, without going into to much about alchemy, I will share a brief snippet of how each season works by using the Wheel of the Year.


The butterfly is the perfect symbol for alchemy. It grows in it's first stage up to the point where it can no longer be that being. It just knows when it is time. It creates a cocoon and melts down to almost nothing, all while letting go and surrendering to the process. It starts to build and create a new form. Fluid and natural, intuitive action lead this process. Finally, it emerges as a completely new being filled with lightness, as it flutters on it's way.

Over the course of a year, we have the ability to transform from the caterpillar into the butterfly. Taking time energetically during the year to do this and focus on certain things is the perfect way.

So how do you start?

Well, start where you are. Below, I have listed the times of the year (northern hemisphere) as well as the work that should be (or could be) done at that time. I find working with nature and being in that supportive flow is easiest for me to move through my own healing journey every year.

From September 21st through Dec 21st, I am deep in shadow work. I'm looking deep into the unconscious mind to unravel beliefs I have that are not serving me. I change them. I find more. I change those. I go deep in meditation, journaling, and ritual work. I evolve so much in this season.

Not sure what shadow work is? Read more about it or watch the video about how to start honoring this sacred, deep space.

From December 21st through February 2nd, I am beginning to plant new seeds, ideas and intentions. This is great as it falls right around New Year's, but I am still working on setting my intentions and growing them with small steps each day through Feb 2nd. The month of January also helps me decide which intentions I want to keep and which aren't lighting me up.

From February 2nd through June 21st, I am harnessing my intuition and taking more action steps. This is a big time frame to really get things done. As the world warms up and begins to blossom, so do I. By this point I have normally already create some type of morning or evening ritual to help me connect with my intuition. From the months May through June, I am taking some sort of action to help support my goal-- maybe taking a course or really putting in those hours to get things done (such as writing a novel).

From June 21st through September 21st, I am holding onto gratitude and basking in the harvest that has been created. Around this time some new things are blossoming, and growing in the world and farmers are harvesting. The same is happening in my own world. I notice all the big shifts that have already taken place, especially around August 2nd (Lammas) a great time to look at our abundance and growth (side note: Lammas was the day I found out I was pregnant-- such a powerful manifestation). I hold space for gratitude every day during the year, but something about this time feels like your cup might runneth over.

Of course, remember and recognize that we are going to go through hard times and we are going to feel stuck. When that happens, I normally go back to the previous "season" to try to figure out what I can shift. So for example, if I am not seeing that my action steps are helping me, I go back to what my ideas, intentions and bigger why's were. Sometimes we have to shift and be flexible.

Life is a spiral after all.

Do what feels right for you, and know that sometimes we have to come back to the shadow self during the year to clear unlimited beliefs or ideas that are holding us back.

I personally enjoy having a set time where I really dive deep into these "seasons," but I know they will resurface during my year as I continue to evolve and change.

I teach this process and go into it in more depth by bringing in alchemy, activating the elements within, and discussing the Avalonian Cycle of Healing to really help my priestesses shift. If you'd like to dive deeper into this potent time of transformation, join our priestess journey. You will have great support, an abundance of tools, and come out the other side really living your intention.

Honor the year, make time for self-care, and start with little steps every day.

Happiness is in the palm of your hand. You have all you need within you. Trust yourself. Evolve.

Manifest your soul's purpose. xoxo

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