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Spring Equinox Ritual

We've made it through the dark season. Maybe we paused, rested, and allowed winter to help us be still. We've been waiting to see the light again, the warmth, and maybe even a few buds on the trees.

Where I live, we have already seen new leaves and the promises of daffodils. My house is in a wooded neighborhood and it sounds as if every branch has a chirping bird on it. The rain has been plentiful, making the earth supple and ripe for new life.

Perhaps it is still dark, cold, and dreary where you are. But have no fear, in the northern hemisphere, the Spring Equinox is nearly here! Each year this transition to spring happens on or around March 21-- consult your farmers almanac or google for this year's specific date. Even though the date where light and dark will be balanced is specified, it's perfectly fine to celebrate the day before or the day after.

For those of us on a more spiritual path, this day is very symbolic and full of inspiration from ancient times.

In many spiritual traditions, springtime is a very important time. Christians celebrate Easter with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Greek, Egyptians, and Mayans also had their own traditions with their gods and them being resurrected. We also have the astrological new year with Aries energy. Everywhere we look, the symbology of "new life" is upon us.

For those of us who celebrate the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, we embrace the following themes:

  • new life

  • balance of light and dark

  • death vs birth

  • new beginnings

  • the sun returning

  • planting seeds (literally and metaphysically)

  • following the spiral of life

A Ritual to Celebrate the Spring

In order to celebrate this ritual, make sure you have a spring altar set up. This could be on a table or dresser in your bedroom, or somewhere in the home. You might include white and pastel colored candles, flowers such as daffodils to represent the sun, a bowl of water to represent life, and anything else that feels like spring to you.

What you will need:

-spring altar

-pen and paper

-seeds (flower)

-small pot


Open your ceremony by calling in the elements, energies, spiritual beings, or casting your circle. You can also sit on the floor and simply imagine yourself and your altar being surrounded by white light. Light candles, incense, or anything else you need to do at this time.

Take a few moments to close the eyes and clear the mind. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold the breath out for 4 seconds. Do this as long as you need to in order to create space in the body and mind.

With the eyes still closed, take some time visualizing what you would like to "grow" in your life. Are you wanting more abundance? More love? A specific job? Imagine it. Feel it. Be it.

On the paper, write down a word or phrase that represents what you are wanting to blossom and flourish.

Next, get the pot of soil and as you plant the seeds, say your intention from the paper over and over until you are done planting.

Place you hands over the pot of seeds and soil and imagine white light flowing down into it.

Put your plant in a well-lit space or shady space, depending on the type of flower, and put the paper underneath the pot.

You could also put a piece of citrine in there as well for abundance.

Anytime you water the plant, imagine the seeds of the plant and the seeds of your intention growing.

Other Traditions

You can also incorporate these easy traditions into the ritual or do them alone.

  • plant a garden

  • stand an egg up on it's own (much like the broom challenge, an egg is said to stand up on it's own on the spring equinox)

  • paint eggs

  • go on a nature walk

  • meditate in nature

  • have a bonfire

However you choose to celebrate this time of equal day and night, make it memorable for you. Follow your heart. Listen to the wind. Embrace your natural connection to the world around you.

Abundant blessings, dear one, and happy spring equinox.

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