Simple Dream Magick

Why do we dream? To put it simply it regulates our metabolism, blood pressure, brain function, and other aspects of our health, but what about the dreams that come true? What about deja vu? What about dreams that felt so real, you could have sworn you were really there? Here are a few simple ways to harness the power of dream magick.

Crystals and Stones for Dream Magick

One of the simplest things you can do to connect with or intensify messages received in your dreams is to use a crystal or stone during dreamtime. Any crystal or stone that connects to your third eye or crown chakra will work great.

Here are a few crystals you may want to start with:

Amethyst-- prevents nightmares, great at relieving insomnia, and connects you to your intuition

Lapis Lazuli--inspires meaningful prophetic dreams

Rose quartz-- for dreams where love is the concern

Clear quartz--great for problem solving during dreams

Citrine-- clears the chakras for abundance, awake feeling refreshed

Moonstone--stimulates psychic perception

To use your crystal effectively follow these tips:

-Whisper to your crystal what you hope to receive from your dream. What is your intention? Where do you hope to travel to? What question do you have that needs to be answered?

-Place it somewhere near you (under your pillow, in your pillowcase, on your nightstand, on your altar, between mattress and boxspring)

-Sleep, receive the messages, and allow the crystal to do it's work.