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Simple Dream Magick

Why do we dream? To put it simply it regulates our metabolism, blood pressure, brain function, and other aspects of our health, but what about the dreams that come true? What about deja vu? What about dreams that felt so real, you could have sworn you were really there? Here are a few simple ways to harness the power of dream magick.

Crystals and Stones for Dream Magick

One of the simplest things you can do to connect with or intensify messages received in your dreams is to use a crystal or stone during dreamtime. Any crystal or stone that connects to your third eye or crown chakra will work great.

Here are a few crystals you may want to start with:

Amethyst-- prevents nightmares, great at relieving insomnia, and connects you to your intuition

Lapis Lazuli--inspires meaningful prophetic dreams

Rose quartz-- for dreams where love is the concern

Clear quartz--great for problem solving during dreams

Citrine-- clears the chakras for abundance, awake feeling refreshed

Moonstone--stimulates psychic perception

To use your crystal effectively follow these tips:

-Whisper to your crystal what you hope to receive from your dream. What is your intention? Where do you hope to travel to? What question do you have that needs to be answered?

-Place it somewhere near you (under your pillow, in your pillowcase, on your nightstand, on your altar, between mattress and boxspring)

-Sleep, receive the messages, and allow the crystal to do it's work.

Astrological Correspondences and Dreaming

It's always interesting to find out what sign any celestial body is in (moon, sun, planet), to see how that is stimulating and inspiring your dreams. You could also use the zodiac to work on a specific purpose during dream time. For example, if you are really wanting to dive deep into the dream state, Pisces is the sign of the zodiac to look out for. This is especially helpful when Neptune is in Pisces-- and guess what? It will be until 2026, so if you can here to get a hold of your dreams, time to buckle up, buttercup!

Here's a list of the zodiac signs and correspondences to help you as you make your timing perfect in the dream realm:

Aries: Fire, strength, persistence, assertiveness

Taurus: Creativity, love, tenacity, self, brashness

Gemini: Polarities, communication, ideas, compromise

Cancer: Flow, emotion, home, mother

Leo: Power, father, ego, prowess

Virgo: Organization, structure, healing, detail

Libra: Balance, love, creativity, oneness, relationships

Scorpio: Desire, transformation, astuteness, mystery

Sagittarius: Perception, expansion, travel, knowledge

Capricorn: Practicality, discipline, order, steadiness

Aquarius: Knowledge, mysticism, the unknown, individuality

Pisces: Dreams, intuition, feelings, divinity, beliefs

Create a Dream Circle

You've got your crystal and you know your intention or vision of clarity you would like to receive tonight. You even know the astrological weather and how it is helping you with your intention. Just for added protection and strength, why not create a dream circle? This is a place between worlds that allows you to relax into other magical realms and consciousnesses. The dream circle will also push out any negativity.

This is a very simple sleep meditation to create your dream circle:

1. Start by laying down in your bed.

2. On your inhale imagine white light moving up to the crown and out to the universe.

3. On the exhale the white light comes back into the crown, through your body and connects you to the earth

4. Practice this breath a few times, then on an inhale bring all the white light to your heart. Exhale push the white light out from your heart and imagine a circle forming around your body.

5. Stay here, feel, see be in your circle.

6. Ask any of your guardians to take you to your dream temple tonight (this could be whoever or whatever you believe in, this could simply be energy)

7. Relax, settle in, receive.

Dream Journal

Once you wake up feeling refreshed, it's time to grab your dream journal. Write down anything you can remember and be as descriptive as you can including colors, images, objects, time of day. This is a great way for you to decipher what you're working through or perhaps to keep record of the prophetic dreams that come up. Keeping a dream journal also helps you with dream recall and your memory, so this is a great practice to help your brain.

Want to learn even more on dream magick, like how the different moon phases affect your dreams and the energies of the days of the week, as well as how to make dream tea and create a dream altar? Join the Sisterhood Circle of Avalon and get ready for a very educational and empowering Fireside Chat on January 17th at 8pm EST. It will be recorded, so join and receive full access to the recorded chat, yoga videos, courses, and more!

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