Lammas/Lughnasadh: Harvest your Abundance

We are nearing the height of summer, in all its bounty.  Trees are abundant with leaves, farmer’s markets have a plethora of items to sell, and the sun pours it’s heat down upon us.  Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is exactly the midpoint between the beginning of summer and beginning of winter (according to Celtic culture).  This is a time to celebrate the first fruits of your harvest, be it literally celebrating what you have grown in your garden or the ideas you have planted that have begun to manifest.

Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate this sometimes overlooked holiday.

Bake or Purchase your Favorite Bread

This festival was celebrated by the Celts from the sunset on August 1st until sunset August 2nd and they called it Lughnasad after the God Lugh. It is the wake of Lugh, the Sun-King, whose light begins to dwindle after the summer solstice. The Saxon holiday of Lammas celebrates the harvesting of the grain. The first sheaf of wheat is ceremonially baked into a loaf. The grain dies so that the people might live on.  In many cultures, we see grain and bread as a symbol of God giving life and nourishment, from pagan to Christian.  It’s yet another way to honor the harvest and stay grateful as the “light” or sun begins to fade.

So if you choose to bake or buy bread, perhaps sing a mantra while you bake it or bless it once you purchase it.  Give thanks for all of the items that gave their lives so that you could be nourished.  Such simple acts bring us back down to “earth” and help us stay connected with her.

Extra things to do with the blessed bread:

–You can also give pieces of the bread itself back to nature as an offering.  The birds love this.  Milk and honey make a good pair if you decide to do so.

— In the olden days, they used to also take that first loaf and sprinkle it around the home to symbolize protection and ward off any energy that they did not want near their home.  So, perhaps add some protection to your home and feed nature.

Connect with Sun Energy

I particularly love going for a nature walk to see all of the abundances around me, putting my crystals in the sun (love wearing citrine this time of year), and watching the sunsets on both of these evenings.  I also take a moment to sit in meditation (try the abundance meditation) in the sunshine or outside.  I imagine myself filling up with golden light and giving me enough energy until the sun returns to full strength.  After the sun has set, I build a fire in my fire pit and feel more warmth and perform a ritual.

Journal to find Clarity

While I am enjoying the sun’s energy or sitting around the fire on August 1st, I start asking myself some questions so I can find clarity around where I am at in my goals, intentions, and manifestations.  Here are the questions I journal

about and then I incorporate into my short ritual below.

1.)  What are some things that are leaving my life at this time?  What is changing?  What is over?

2.) Was there anything I wanted to do this summer that did not get accomplished? Do I have any regrets?  What are those?

3.) What seeds or ideas I have been planting?  Which ones have been sprouting (even a little) this year?  Write how grateful I am and notice how I feel.  How can I continue to help them grow?

4.) What are some of the sweetest memories from this year?  How can I preserve them/hold onto them?

Take time journaling your answers and even see if you can ask your guidance to give you the answers you need.

Lammas/Lughnasadh (short) Ritual

Using the answers from the questions above, you can start to gather a few items the day of Aug 2nd.  I always love doing this ritual the night of Aug 2nd but do what feels right for you or what you have time for.  You can substitute or cut out anything I have in the ritual below.

Some things you may want to collect:

–Fire pit + firewood + fire starter  + lighter



— Sage

— Sunflowers

— Crystals that represent the sun’s energy

Manifesting Abundance Spray

–For the first question, find an object or draw or write anything that symbolizes those things that are leaving your life.

–For the second question, write your regrets down, or use any natural object like a pinecone that can burn.  You’ll want to tell the natural object your regret so it can “hold the energy” for you and we will be tossing these in a fire.

–For question three, you can create a dream board or create something that symbolizes these beautiful things and save it somewhere in your home.  Some people save it on their altar, I’ve chosen to place all of the things I am manifesting and working on manifesting by cutting out images from a magazine and taping them to the back of my bedroom door.

Basic Ritual Outline:

Setup– I like to set up my firepit in the middle and have candles at each direction (north, south, east, west).  I also add a bouquet of sunflowers and crystals where I feel it is appropriate.  I sage myself and spray myself with Manifesting Abundance spray before beginning.  Please add extra things like incense, a ritual bath, pulling tarot cards, or anything that feels good before beginning.


  1. Ground and center— Choose a meditation that works for you.  I like to imagine myself as a tree.  I ground my roots into the earth.  As I breathe out, negativity leaves my body and is recycled by the earth.  As I inhale, I bring up love, abundance or whatever I am needing as light into my body.

  2. Cast your circle — I use my wand, athame, or pointer finger.  I turn clockwise 3 times starting in the north saying, “I cast this circle thrice about to keep any negativity out, to bring joy, abundance, peace within, as I turn three times the magick does begin.  As above so below this circle is sealed.” And I visualize a circle around me of light or hedges or stones.

  3. Call in your quarters –  Go to each quarter when you do this.  You can also find an example online that you resonate with.  A really simple example is: Powers of Earth(North), I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome! Powers of Air (East), I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!Powers of Fire (South), I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!      Powers of Water (West), I call to you and invite you to join us in this rite, to share your qualities with us; In Love and Truth, we bid you Hail and Welcome!

  4. Call in any goddess/god/deity/ascended masters/archangels/energies you would like to work with

  5. Go to the firepit with things that are leaving your life.  Tell them how grateful you are to them for the lessons, forgive them and yourself for anything, send them light, send it into the fire.

  6. Go to the firepit with things you regret.  Forgive yourself.  Trust that you did all you could.  Release the regrets to the fire to make space for new things to enter.

  7. Sit beside the fire. Spend time creating an art piece for the things you are manifesting or spending quiet contemplation visualizing the things you would like to manifest as reality.

  8. Dance or move the body to ground the energy.  Great playlist here.

  9. Thank the energies you called in.

  10. Close your quarters–  Simply tell each element “thank you, hail and farewell.”

  11. Close the circle– I start in the west and move counter-clockwise one time visualizing the circle disappearing. When I’m done I say “This circle is open, but never broken, merry meet and merry part until we merry meet again.”

  12. Have a yummy feast with the bread you love– nourish yourself!

Enjoy this time of the season, bask in the changes approaching, and most importantly, harvest that abundance with gratitude.  If you would like to keep up with manifesting abundance, join my Awakened Avalon Sisterhood Circle FREE for the month of August only! We are doing a 40 day meditation, have an abundance yoga practice coming up, live fire side chat, discount on my course “The Abundance Mindset” and so much more!

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