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How to Spiritually Ground Yourself

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Have you ever noticed that at times you may feel a little too rushed in your day to day life? Perhaps you feel like you're only thinking about the next thing you need to accomplish? Maybe you even feel like you're just running on auto like a robot and aren't even present in your body or in your experience.

We all need a little help grounding ourselves so that we can BE. HERE. NOW. Grounding helps us to increase our physical & emotional balance, helps us release (energy), allows us to be more connected to all, keeps us protected, and also helps us receive. If you are a healer or a magickal practitioner, the ability to ground is very important for you and for those you are helping.

When we feel ungrounded we might feel:

-dizzy/spaced out


-heart palpitations


-falling asleep while meditating


-overly emotional

-not able to make things happen

So how might we tune in and ground ourselves?

1. Eating and drinking water

2. Working with the earth (i.e. gardening, sitting with a tree, going for a walk barefoot)

3. Being in nature (beach, woods, mountains, etc)

4. Moving the body (yoga, running, tai chi, swimming)

5. Visualization & Medtation (more below)

6. Working with Crystals (more below)

7. The practice of Grounding, Centering & Clearing (more below)

Visualization & Meditation

An easy way to release pent up energy or emotion and get grounded in the here and now is by visualization or meditation. My favorite visualization happens to be imagining that I am a tree. I envision my roots growing out of my sacrum, through the floor, and deep into mother earth. With each exhale, I watch negativity leave my body and the earth mother takes it into her to transform it into something more beautiful. Once I feel a sense of release, I pay more attention to the inhales and envision pure energy blessing me from the earth. With each inhale, I become more and more connected to the earth and full of this pure, grounding, blissful energy.

This visualization is also great to do while resting with your back against a tree. You can actually connect to the tree (make sure to ask the tree if that's ok first, and notice if you get a positive feeling) and create a deep connection with the earth. You may also receive guided messages from the tree about how to ground or receive deep healing energy from the tree.

Feel free to try that in your own way or use any of the meditations I have provided here.

Interested in working with tree energy more? Purchase my short course on the Ogham Alphabet and Tree Magick here.

Working with Crystals

Crystals are an excellent way to help you ground. You can carry them in a pouch, in a pocket, or wear a piece of jewelry with the crystal that is helping you to stay present and centered. You can also place them at a working space, next to your bed, or under your pillow at night if you'd like to connect with them more and create a beautiful energy exchange.

A few great crystals to begin your journey with feeling cleansed and rooted include:

  • Hematite

  • Pyrite

  • Tigers Eye

  • Smoky Quartz

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Indigo Gabbro

  • Petrified Wood

When you start working with your crystal, make sure to cleanse it by laying it in Himalayan sea salt overnight, saging it, or using the moon's energies (new moon-- cleanse, full moon-- charge). Then dedicate your crystal and give it an intention. Perhaps you specifically would like your crystal to help you stay grounded, perhaps you'd like it to help you release negativity. You. get. to. choose.

A Grounding, Centering & Clearing Exercise

This is a breathing practice that I teach my priestess sisters. To ground, you want to connect with the earth and send your energy into her. To center, bring the earth's energy back up into you. To clear, use the meditation and breathing technique to find out how these releases blocks, aligns your energy, and leaves you feeling blissfully centered. If you are interested in learning the other healing techniques and lessons I teach my priestesses, please consider joining us for the first LIVE (and recorded) Worldwide Distance Womb Blessing. You can also find out more about the Alchemically Awakened Avalon Priestess Training and other healing techniques we use.

May all of these exercises and practices bless you with feelings of being centered, present, peaceful and calm. Blessed be.

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