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How to Activate Your Crystals

In recent years, crystals have become more and more widely accepted, as well as respected. We are more open to seeing that everything is made of energy and how we can work with that energy to heal ourselves. We see more TV shows and famous people getting into reiki, crystal healing, and more. It's great to be a part of a world that is starting to wake up to the possibilities around them as well as how to use eastern + western medicine to heal any ailments.

So maybe you are new to the crystal world and have started studying what each crystal is used for, but you are still unsure about how to use them. If so, don't worry, I've got your back and in today's blog you can find out exactly how you can activate your crystals specifically for you or anyone else.

Here are the steps I take to keep my crystals fully activated at all times.

1. Cleanse your Crystals on the New Moon.

If you have just received your crystal and would like it to be clear of any impurities or energy from other people who have handled it, then this is the best place to start. On the New Moon, place your crystal on a windowsill or outside. The new moon's energy will cleanse and clear your crystal.

If the new moon is too far away and you don't want to wait, then you can place the crystal in a bowl of Himalayan Sea Salt, sage your crystal, lay it on a piece of selenite, or spray it with rosewater.

Cleansing is the most important thing you can do to make sure your crystal is ready to use.

2. Activating your Crystal.

Now that you have created the energetic space in your crystal to receive and it is cleansed, you are ready to activate your crystal.

First, what is your intention? For example, some purchase rose quartz to boost self-love. Their intention would be, "For me to feel more self-love and grow in confidence each and every day." Take your time coming up with this intention. Maybe take some time to journal and know what your particular crystal is good for.

Once you have your intention, create sacred space. Perhaps this is in front of your altar. Perhaps this is outside in nature in the forest or at the beach. Sit quietly wherever you feel the most peaceful. Place your crystal in between both palms and close your eyes.

First, visualize your hands emitting white light and filling your crystal with this light. Take as long as you need to see your crystal filled with this activating light.

Next, tell your crystal your intention using an activation statement. For example, "I activate you crystal to bring me self-love and growing confidence each day." You can mentally say it or say it out loud.

That's it. Your crystal is activated. Now, carry it with you every day and/or sleep with it! Enjoy that magick that happens.

3. Keep your Crystal Fully Charged Using the Full Moon.

Over time, our crystals can take on our energy to be cleansed and can become weaker. Much like cell phones, crystals (and people) need a break to get fully charged again.

During the full moon each month, I place the particular crystals I'm working with in a seashell filled with Himalayan Sea Salt (for cleansing) and place that in the light of the full moon so that the crystal can recharge.

The next morning, I remind my crystal with it's activation statement is (see above) and continue carrying it with me.


It's ok if you forget to do this or change the steps. Magick is innate and within us at all times. The power of our magick comes when we learn to trust the flow of our inner teacher and inner guidance, rather than following what everyone tells us to do.

Please use the directions above simply as a guide to help you create your own way of cleansing, activating, and charging your crystals.


If you are wanting to speak to the guides and faeries inside of your crystal, try this Faery Guide Meditation.

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