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Embracing the Magick of Winter

Can you trust the magick of winter?

The way the earth slows down.

The way the light disappears a little more and a little more each day.

The way that all of nature goes deep underground into the womb of the earth mother.

This time of the season is the time when the earth is most releasing to receive.

The garden goes to sleep.

The animals burrow down deep.

The light fades to night and moonlight.

How can we look to winter as our teacher?

This time of the year is busy and asks us to use up all of our energy with the holidays including creating New Year's Goals.

Yet, how can we create when we don't give ourselves that time of nourishing support and stillness?

How can we continue to push ourselves to create and show up when our energy is so depleted?

Asking ourselves to stop completely is not going to work.

Even though nature is underground resting, she is still very much alive, but she is simply creating space.

So, what are some ways you can cultivate effortless space this season?

  • Create a nightly routine that promotes deep healing

This could be turning off your phone at a certain hour, having a ritual bath, or doing some breathing exercises before bed.

  • Cultivate moments of stillness.

Try not to rush through the day. Set a timer perhaps every 1-2 hours to remind yourself it is ok to close your eyes for 1-3 minutes and breath.

  • Cultivate moments of silence.

This one can be the hardest but is the most meaningful. It can be done at any point in the day by simply sitting with no sound but your breath and feeling any emotions that come up or feelings in the body. Taking some time to journal after is another added benefit to get some clarity around what is coming up for you and what you may need to release.

If we can simply slow down, especially during the evening,

we can open ourselves up to creating a beautiful space of release and receiving.

Take note of how nature is allowing herself this delicious time to BE.

Some of my favorite evening rituals include:

  • drinking tea, mostly nervines and sedatives like Kava Kava (see my secret recipe at the bottom of this post)

  • ritual bath

  • breathing exercises

  • no screen time 30 mins before bed (2 hours optimal)

  • using black out curtains to promote deep sleep

  • burning pine essential oils or cedar leaves

  • meditating before bed to calm my body and mind -- here is a great meditation to promote deep sleep.

Now is the time for us to rest and restore as much as we can, so if you're feeling more tired or craving more rest, honor what your body is saying.

Allow yourself to release and you will feel refreshed as the light begins to return after the winter solstice.

If you are looking for ways to cultivate more stillness and ritual, please take a look at my current offerings:

Full Moon & Winter Solstice Workshop

Journey Through the Chakras (begins Jan 2, 2022)

Tree Magick Course

Sacred Magick Circle Community

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