Crystal Therapy for Abundance

Recently I have been on a journey to shift my mindset towards abundance, work on my belief around money, and open myself up to receive on a greater level. With a baby on the way and so much change in my emotional and physical state, I have been craving a new direction. New thoughts have surfaced about what I am doing with my life, what brings me joy, and what things spark my creativity.

I've been listening to all kinds of audiobooks, podcasts, and even attending women's entrepreneur workshops to align with this feeling of expansion that I internally feel and am ready to grow into. I have been taking time each morning to meditate and then write down any negative ideas or thoughts that surface-- this usually requires about a page or two of stream of consciousness writing, followed by writing a few positive affirmations for the day, and a gratitude list.

These morning exercises have been propelling me in new directions and opening up to the idea of "This is MY life. I can do whatever I want with it. I am free to choose."

A friend recently texted me the quote, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."-- Maya Angelou

It hit me hard and made me seek even more clarity.

-What am I envisioning for my life?

-What is stopping me?

-How can I align with my greatest potential?

Perhaps you've asked yourself these same questions. Maybe you are on the same journey as me at this time and are ready to grow.

Of course, meditation, gratitude, shifting your mindset, and taking action through study or networking are great ways to find your flow. However, one thing I feel has helped me energetically step into alignment and raise my vibration faster is crystal therapy.

Today, I will share with you the three crystals I use to align with an abundance mindset and how I use them in my own practice.


Step One-- Cleansing and Clearing with Black Tourmaline

When using crystal therapy, we want to have a system of stones that energetically lift us up. In order to create the space, we have to clear.

Black tourmaline is a powerful and protective stone that blocks negative energies, psychic attacks, and is great at cutting cords.