Beltane Blessings: 5 Modern Ways to Celebrate

Have you seen how abundant the earth is? She is flourishing and bursting in fertility. Spring is at it's peak and we are open to celebrating the coming of Summer.

Beltane means "bright fire" and as such is seen as one of the four great festivals celebrated through the Wheel of the Year. For most, this festival begins on April 30th. This is a time of purification, transformation, and fertility, and we welcome in these energies with big bonfires that some dance around, while others jump over. This is a time to rejoice and bring in hope of a good harvest, as well as protect people you love and the harvest itself. Now is the time of the Summer Goddess as we bring in a space for maternal, divine feminine energy and the fruits of nature will follow.

Another beautiful image of Beltane is, similar to Samhain, the veil between the worlds is very thin. With that being said, you may see the faery clan of Tuatha de Danann crossing between the worlds and flying overhead. Some say they come out of the Glastonbury Tor on this night and fly over us in a great parade.

Beltane Lore

Would you like to celebrate Beltane in a special way as our ancestors once did? Here are some traditions held sacred that you can still practice today.

  • This month is the Celtic Moon Month/Tree Month of Hawthorne, which asks lovers to attend to matters of the heart. If you do not have a lover, it is asking you to pay attention to your divine feminine and divine masculine to see how they are working together.

  • To create a protective shield over your home, place an equal-armed cross of rowan and birch on your door.

  • On the morning of Beltane, May 1, go outside before the sun rises and place the fresh dew on your eyes. This is said to gift you with the power of second sight.

5 Modern Ways to Celebrate Beltane

All of these ways are beautiful ways to bring the ancient wisdom of our ancestors into our practice, as we should. Yet, what are some modern ways we can celebrate Beltane?