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An Inside Look at Alchemical Intuitive Healing

Recently I've had close friends and potential clients ask, "Well, what exactly is Alchemical Intuitive Healing?"

Clients have told me that the Alchemical Intuitive Healing Sessions "are better than any therapy session I've had." When I first heard that I felt humbled. I have been to my fair share of therapists and got what I needed at that time, and I think healing sessions plus therapy is the way to go! There is something about working with our own intuition as well as energy to create lasting changes-- and one's we can instantly feel.

Most that ask this question are looking for a way to release anxiety, heal postpartum depression, get the energy flowing for abundance, and just believe in themselves again. Many come wanting a clearer perspective on what is going on in their energy centers, what cords can be cut, if there are energy leaks, and of course would like something they can work on between sessions.

Maybe you're looking for something to help get "unstuck" in an area of life and to get that energy faucet flowing so you can attract, manifest, heal-- you name it! It can also be as simple as needing a routine energetic maintenance session, and you can even get a session when you are feeling good.


So, let me give you the breakdown of how an in-person session works (these can also be done virtually):

1) Client comes in. Has a seat. We take a few moments to close our eyes and focus on the breath so we can be energetically open and connected .

2) We talk about what is going on in their life. What is their "why" for being here? How can I best serve them today? What do they hope to receive/release by the end of the session? This is the part where we are vulnerable with each other and I allow the client to lead the way. Some share lots, some share a little. We are just setting the tone for the practice.

3) I do an oracle card reading for them and we receive affirming guidance about where they are right now, what we might want to work on in our session today, and what may happen in the future. The guides normally always have something to share for how the client can grow and how they can do the work outside of our sessions.

4) I allow the client to get comfortable on the massage table. They might put on an eye pillow, blanket, but I let them make themselves comfortable while I leave the room to wash my hands and get centered energetically myself.

5) When I return I begin by inviting any guides or angels or high vibe beings who would like to aid us today.

6) I clear that space. This is important and I use a variety of items to do that, but we want to make sure that we are reaching the client energetically and not anything they are connected to or surrounded by.

7) . The intuitive healing portion of the coaching session may include crystal therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, reiki, light language, and even guided visualizations or meditations. This all depends on the client, their energetic needs, and what the guides are showing me.

8) Once the session is complete, I allow them to come back to their body and give them space to get up on their own. I leave the room, again, to wash my hands and cleanse myself energetically.

9) When I come back, the client and I sit down once more to discuss any other messages that came up for them as well as questions they might have about what they experienced.

10) We close with a breath work to ground ourselves and part ways.

I've started offering a Healing Clinic so people can experience what this is for 25 minute increments.

Here is a video of what the sessions look like at the high vibe Still Soul Studio:


Now, how does one do this session virtually?

It's pretty much the same with a few tweaks.

I still sit with the client and listen via a Zoom video chat.

There is still an oracle card reading and guided messages.

We do more guided visualizations, sound therapy, and distance reiki.

The virtual sessions end up being my Alchemical Intuitive Coaching sessions as I work with you, listen to you, and develop a plan for your healing which does include some Theta Healing so we can go into the subconscious and the body on a cellular level to help you up-level.

I also am able to see where in the energetic and physical body needs healing or cord cutting and can do all of that virtually with distance healing.


What other questions do you have about these healing sessions? What do you hope to receive from these sessions? Please comment below so that I can help bring even more clarity about our offerings. I look forward to serving you and guiding you on your journey. xo

Schedule an in-person session.

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