An Inside Look at Alchemical Intuitive Healing

Recently I've had close friends and potential clients ask, "Well, what exactly is Alchemical Intuitive Healing?"

Clients have told me that the Alchemical Intuitive Healing Sessions "are better than any therapy session I've had." When I first heard that I felt humbled. I have been to my fair share of therapists and got what I needed at that time, and I think healing sessions plus therapy is the way to go! There is something about working with our own intuition as well as energy to create lasting changes-- and one's we can instantly feel.

Most that ask this question are looking for a way to release anxiety, heal postpartum depression, get the energy flowing for abundance, and just believe in themselves again. Many come wanting a clearer perspective on what is going on in their energy centers, what cords can be cut, if there are energy leaks, and of course would like something they can work on between sessions.

Maybe you're looking for something to help get "unstuck" in an area of life and to get that energy faucet flowing so you can attract, manifest, heal-- you name it! It can also be as simple as needing a routine energetic maintenance session, and you can even get a session when you are feeling good.


So, let me give you the breakdown of how an in-person session works (these can also be done virtually):

1) Client comes in. Has a seat. We take a few moments to close our eyes and focus on the breath so we can be energetically open and connected .

2) We talk about what is going on in their life. What is their "why" for being here? How can I best serve them today? What do they hope to receive/rele