7 Simple, Magical Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, and you may be feeling the heat. It’s time to visit the beach, jump in the pool, or turn on the sprinkler and celebrate the height of Midsummer! Litha (midsummer) or Summer Solstice is a holiday that honors the longest day of the year and the shortest night. This year, in the Northern Hemisphere, Litha falls on June 21st, but you can celebrate within the energy window of June 20th-24th. In the Southern Hemisphere, they are celebrating Winter Solstice, which we will cover in another article.

Everything is fresh and fertile, filled with abundance. This is a time of joyful celebration as we honor the light as it has reached its climax. After today, the darkness begins to return and each day night grows a little longer. 

Ways to Celebrate

Decorate your Altar or Home

Some symbols of the season include mirrors, seashells, fruits, flowers, crystals that represent fire and water and certain herbs. Take time the night before or the week before the solstice placing lavender or sunflowers or other beautiful flowers of summer around your home and altar. Get out the seashells and some bowls of water to honor the element of water at this time. You can also bless your water with some sea salt or pink Himalayan salt and see it being filled with white light. The more you decorate, the more the energy of the Summer Solstice will vibrate within your home, blessing you with abundance.

Heighten your Intuition

Go outside as the sun rises on this day and collect the dew of plants using your hands. They say if you wash your eyelids with this dew that you will have heightened psychic abilities and be able to see the fae.

Connect with the Fae

This pinnacle point is also one of the three times when access to the faery realm is easiest. Their powers are potent on this holiday especially. The dance around bonfires, sing and enjoy meals. Make sure to honor the faery during this time as they are the ones who make sure we have an abundant harvest. They will help you if you show kindness and respect. Place honey, bread, cheese, edible flowers, citrus fruit, mead, wine, milk, ale, vegetables, or make elderflower champagne (recipe below) and leave out for the faery feast. You could also leave out some shiny things like crystals and connect with them through meditation. I have created a faery meditation here to connect with your faery guide. Enjoy!

Have a Ritual Bath

After that, you could create an early morning ritual bath and choose oils and herbs that are sacred for the day. Placing rose, lavender, elderflower, or other herbs and oils you feel drawn to into the bath creating a sacred space honoring your abundance. As you lower yourself into the bath say, “all dirt and dread I leave behind, my bright future is now designed.”