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5 Essential Manifesting Tools

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

We all desire to look at our lives and see the goals, dreams, and desires we have manifested into physical form. We are a part of this creation to be able to create. What we think, visualize, and feel has a lot to do with that. The only way to get into alignment with your creation is one loving thought and action at a time.

Throwing it back to this picture. I look so happy, but I had just lost my job, the studio I taught kundalini + aerial yoga at was closing, I had just moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) into the house he and his ex-wife had shared and I felt shattered. I can remember asking myself nearly every day "What in the heck am I doing?" I knew with my whole heart I wanted to be with this man, but I wanted to create a better life for us.

And trust me, I had no idea what life had in store for us. All I knew was I had to keep showing up, use my manifestation techniques, and trust. .

Flash forward to today. I have a wonderful job at a perfect private school, I’m doing more business related things for a studio I love and cherish, I’m married, and we’ve not only moved into a lovely new home (that is all ours) on a cul-de-sac, but we moved to the ocean! I used the tools below to manifest my now husband, manifest our home, manifest jobs, and so much more. Use them to create your best life. I am rooting for you!

My Top 5 Manifesting Tools

1. Dream Box

This idea comes from the Abraham-Hicks' book "Ask and It is Given." There are lots of great manifesting tools in that book. (Buy it here.) What you want to do is get a box-- a shoe box, wooden box, any kind of small box. On top of it write, "What is in this box IS." Put photos, written ideas, affirmations, or anything that represents what you would like to manifest.

You can add to this box whenever you'd like and even put it out under the full moon to gather energy. I recommend putting the box under your bed or out of sight when you are not adding to it. This creates an open space for you to receive and allow the Universe to show up for you.

2. Vision Door

Many people have heard of vision boards. It's a place where you cut out images of things you'd like to manifest and put them together so you can see them every day. The goal is that when you see them it helps you to feel excited for what to come and continue to visualize as well. My husband and I create a Vision Door instead. On the back of our bedroom door, we've taped lots of things we'd like to manifest this year-- goals, words, dreams. Before we head out each morning we see it, and as we leave we realize we are walking through a portal we are creating each day to manifest our best life. We created ours and add to it on the New Moon. Make it your own practice.

3. Gratitude Jar

Lots of people are doing this now because gratitude is so important in a manifesting practice. We can get stuck in negative thought forms or think we are stuck because we are not seeing "it" yet. The best thing to do is hold space for gratitude every day and realize you are exactly where you should be. Every day is a gift. The more you see that you have enough now, the faster you will be able to manifest.

"Infinite patience produces immediate results." -- A Course in Miracles

To make one, grab a jar. You can decorate it if you'd like. Each day or once a week, write down something you're grateful for and add it to your jar. At the end of the year, read all of your gratitude posts to see how much abundance you have cultivated.

4. 5x55

Another great way to have laser focus is the 5x55 trick. Create a sentence for one thing you would like to manifest. Have it start with "I am grateful for..." as if it's already occurred. For example, "I am grateful for the supportive, loving relationship I have with a wonderful man as it brings me joy and happiness." Write this sentence 55 times for 5 days. If writing is something that you can't do due to pain, I also recommend recording yourself saying it 55 times for 5 days. However, if you write it down, you can also add it to your Dream Box.

5. Project From Your Heart Meditation

This meditation is best done for 40 days. It has the ability to make your manifestations effortless, help you gain clarity, protect you, and bring you abundance. Learn this meditation for yourself and feel the peace that comes when you trust your process.

As always, remember, timing is different for everyone. For some intentions I set, it took me 1 year to see it in my reality. For others, it was as quick as one week. Be gentle with yourself and the Universe as you begin your manifestation journey. As always, if you have questions or need support please contact me at

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