49 Affirmations for Chakra Healing

Each week at Still Soul Studio, I offer a class called Crystal and Chakra Healing by Candlelight. We discuss one of the chakras and how to bring balance to this place with a specific crystal, intention, meditation, and affirmations.

If you live in Charleston, I invite you to join us every Monday night at 6:45pm.

If you don't live in Charleston, I offer crystal healing and chakra healing virtually in my one-on-one Alchemical Intuitive Coaching Sessions.

These sessions include reiki, light language, cord cutting, and guided messages. This is all to aid you in raising your vibrations, clear stuck emotions, heal ancestral and present life trauma, as well as give your energy a tune-up.

The one thing I always do in these classes, and recommend for clients, are positive affirmations for chakra healing. When we can shift our mindset and start to believe in something new, something uplifting, something healing-- our whole world can change. It's the same for the chakras. Each one has specific energy and a way to balance it. If you are following my Instagram, the lovely Karen Briggs-Updyke and myself are doing a deep dive into Chakra Healing and Animal Medicine. Follow us to find out more.

So, what are the seven chakras?


The seven chakras are the energy centers of the body. Some view them as wheels, and one of my favorite yoga instructors told us they were like a .4-way stop. If there is heavy traffic in this area and things are not moving, then the energy is blocked and can't move out or up or down. If the flow of traffic is easy and moving, then this energy center is open and the energy can flow throughout the body. You can view these stops as electric waves of light or dark spaces and they can feel uplifting or heavy.

Each chakra as a different purpose, so there are specific affirmations that work when bringing balance to this energetic space. When repeated over time, these create