13 Journal Prompts for Witches

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Journaling has always been a vital part of my spiritual and therapeutic practice for as long as I can remember. I still have two boxes full of old, filled up journals stored in our attic from when I was young. Growing up shy prevented me from speaking my truth outright, but writing always held a special magic in how it allowed me to verbalize anything I was thinking or feeling without judgement.

I could create and heal worlds that existed inside of me.

The act of keeping a journal has been studied by psychologists for years and there are plenty of benefits, including many for relieving anxiety and PTSD. Journaling is also said to:

  • Boost your mood/affect

  • Enhance your sense of well-being

  • Reduce symptoms of depression before an important event (like an exam)

  • Reduce intrusion and avoidance symptoms post-traumaImprove your working memory (Baikie & Wilhelm, 2005)

And it can also connect us with our inner-child, our conscious/subconscious desires, our inner-priestess, and our inner-witch.

Two Types of Magickal Journal Writing

As we grow in our spiritual practice, a great place to start is to connect daily by journaling. Some magickal ways you can journal include stream of consciousness writing or mediumship automatic writing.

Stream of consciousness writing is when you simply allow any thoughts that form in your mind to flow out through the pen and onto the page, no matter how silly it sounds. A great book to read if you are just starting this type of writing is called "The Artist's Way" and she has you go through a process called writing morning pages each day as you wake up. It's a great way start to chip away at the conscious mind and see what is happening underneath the surface. It also teaches us to listen more to what we are thinking and helps us with our manifestation and meditation techniques.