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Manifest 2020 Challenge

You keep telling yourself 2020 will be your year. You might’ve even told yourself the same thing when moving into 2019.


So, how can you ensure that things will really look different in the new year?

I invite you to take a challenge, a challenge to manifest and create the life you desire in 2020 using your own creativity, action steps, and incredible manifesting techniques along the way. 


Starting January 1, we will embark on a

28 day journey.



Each week you receive:

--a lesson with specific action steps to shift your mindset every day.

-- handouts to help guide you on your manifesting journey

--a new Kundalini meditation each week to amplify your vibration for attraction.

-- an invitation to join our private manifesting group so you can share, ask questions, and connect with like-minded members in your community. 

--one live coaching call with me to support you on your journey.


The best part?  This is a FREE Challenge. 

My deepest purpose is to see other's thrive, succeed and live their soul's purpose.

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Ready to master the art of manifesting for yourself?

Join the Manifest 2020 Challenge

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