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high priestess


An Exclusive Program

This Year and A Day program is like getting your PhD in

Magick + Spirituality


Who is it for?

This course is an exclusive offering for those who have completed or taken my Priestess Initiation Course.  

If you have not taken the Priestess Initiation for a limited time you can purchase The High Priestess Activation + Priestess Initiation at an introductory price.

What's Included?

Much like ancient magical trainings, this program lasts

one year and one day.

You will receive:

-26 Modules including PDFs

-Live Class 2x/month (Recorded)

-2 Private 30-minute Coaching Calls

-High Priestess Certification 

Course Outline:


May — The Akashic Records + Past Life Tools (Starseeds)


June— Goddess History + Awakening the Goddess Within


July— Egyptian, Celtic and Greek Pantheons + Discovering Your Lineage


August— Activating Fire + Art of Divination with Runes


September— Activating Water + Art of Divination with Palmistry


October — Activating Air + Art of Divination with Tarot


November— Activating Earth + Art of Divination with Crystals


December — Activating Spirit + Art of Divination with Astrology


January— Self-Care Rituals for the High Priestess


February— Healing Rituals + 1:1 Tools for the High Priestess


March — Serving the Community + Tools for the High Priestess


April — Activation Codes for the High Priestess


May — Awakening the High Priestess Sacred Embodiment + Ritual (Graduation)

Choose your payment option below. 
Please note: If you have not taken the priestess course, it is a pre-requisite but you can get an introductory discount to both below with
our bundle package.
All items are currently on sale until April 30, 2021
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