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Pixi Morris offers classes at


on King Street in Charleston, SC

Full Moon & Winter Solstice Workshop (Virtual)

DecembeR 21st, 2021

7:00pm EST 


Stay snuggly and warm in the comfort of your own home and let’s celebrate the full moon and winter solstice together with a simple ritual, mindfulness and medicinal movement. 


The solstice was a time of celebration. At the end of the longest night, there will be light. It is a time of hope, renewal, and looking forward to brighter days. It’s the perfect time to release as we will begin to start planting seeds and dreams for the New Year on the upcoming New Moon. 

Have a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, moonstone or citrine (if you have it or simply a quartz crystal) , and some lavender that we will bless and go over ways you can use it! 


Use the link below to register and join us from ANYWHERE!

If you register and can't make it, let me know and I can send a recording!

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Kundalini Flow & Glow (Virtual)



A radically and magically transforming fusion class where vinyasa flow meets Kundalini glow. Perfect for all levels. We work with crystals, cards, candles, astrology and more magic. 

The Art of divination: Pendulum 101

Dec 7th, 2018


Would you like to learn more about the Pendulum — how and why it can work for you in everyday life? Receive your own answers to life’s questions easily and quickly with this simple tool.


Here’s what you will get from this class:

* The key points to success when using this ancient divination tool.

* How to choose the best pendulum.

* History of the Pendulum + Different Uses of the Pendulum

* Blessing and training the Pendulum you use.

* A pendulum + instructional worksheet to use and take home.

The mini retreat

December 1st     9:00am - 2:00pm

One Broad Street

Join me for a day of nourishing and detoxifying self-care. Push pause on life for 5 hours of guilt-free you time. 

The focus of this Mini-Retreat is the energy center of the Solar Plexus. The place where we digest emotions and other people's energy, and where we generate life force energy.

I will lead a Kundalini Meditation with crystals and a live healing sound bath, curated to help you step into your power.

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