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Are you ready to turn up the volume on your manifesting skills and embrace the magickal, bad ass babe that you are? 

If you're ready to make 2021 the year

your dreams come true

keep reading... 

Woman in a Field

You've got some strong desires, sister.

First thing I want you to do

right now

is take out a piece of paper and write ALL the dreams you'd like to manifest in 2021.

I'm waiting patiently

like baby yoda...

Ready to become the bridge between visualizing your dreams and manifesting them?



Hold your list in your hand and try this

Priestess Breathing Technique...

Now are you feeling ready to become your own vortex of miracles and magic??

You don't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Now through Nov 30, I am giving away THREE of my most coveted courses for the very affordable, pandemic friendly cost of

only $97 


this package includes:

 Alchemically Awakening Avalon Course

($800 value)

This course includes 12 Alchemical lessons and courses that will teach you how to become a Priestess for yourself and your community. Learn about the Avalonian Goddesses, as well as the sacredness and history of Avalon. and is done at your own pace.

The Magic of Mindset Masterclass

($500 value)

8 modules to get unstuck and become a manifesting maven using the law of attraction

The Art of Divination

($300 value)

I no longer sell this course and have kept it in the vault for some time, so it's pretty much priceless.  learn about different divination tools and how to use them while opening up to your intuition.


Also, this is the LAST TIME I will be selling these products.

Let's make some kick ass magick in 2021!

Click the button below to

purchase for

only $97

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